Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Big 50 - final details

Hi all - I'll be emailing a pdf of this to all of you in the next day or so...as before, if there's anything else you need to clarify, please call or email me. See you on the 16th!

So, how did this cute baby boomer turn into...

...the lary party animal you will see on Saturday 16th February? Darwin's theory of evolution is to be reinvented at the Big 50...now just 2 and a half weeks away! An email with all the final details will be winging its way to you in the next day or so. Watch this space!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The countdown is on...

Happy New Year all...hope you had a great festive season and that 2013 is up and running in the best possible way for you all. Thank you everyone for confirming you're up for the party...it's promising to be a really great turnout and, because I know what you're all like, what I can promise is a fun and lively event.
I'm currently working through all the detail with the venue etc and will send through an email in a week or so with final details.
If anyone has any questions in the meantime about the arrangements, venue, timings etc then just call or email me.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Last night a DJ agreed to play my life

Last night I booked the DJ for the party - they're very much up for the challenge of keeping all you lot burning up the floor into a right old disco inferno and seem to have a great track record...check out Martin's Music for more info.

Thanks to everyone for their RSVPs so far...really appreciate it!!

Monday, 5 November 2012

"The Big 50" - The Essentials

I'll be sending out personalised invites over the next couple of weeks, which will include a link to this blogsite. Now you've accessed the site, key things you need to know about the gig are:

Venue: Hallmark Hotel, 680 Purley Way, Croydon, CR9 4LT

Guests: I'm inviting a broad selection of friends and family, near and far, old and new...expect to see familiar faces

Theme: Forget 50 shades of grey...this will be about 50 years of colour and great sounds...get ready to let what hair you have down and have a great time...

Style: Knowing all of you, I think we'll be on for a great night...think Brannigans, think "eating, dancing and cavorting", helped by an ample amount of drinking

Dress code: Party gear...anything goes

Start time: 19:30 (remember...the early bird catches the worm)

Finish time: The scheduled finish is 1:00am... (but that won't stop some of you...)

Thinking of staying over at the hotel?

The Hallmark Hotel is offering discounted rates for party guests of £69 for a single room and £79 for a double. Both rates include breakfast!

The online booking on the website won't work for these rates. To book, call 020 8633 8923 or email Croydon.reservations@hallmarkhotels.co.uk, referring to my party and date. If you run into any difficulties with this, call Rebecca Roffey (the event organiser) on 020 8633 8924 or email her via Croydon.Events@hallmarkhotels.co.uk.

"The Big 50" - The Venue

The party will be held at the Hallmark Hotel on the Purley Way in Croydon. This is a recently refurbished version of what many of you may recall as the Aerodrome Hotel (remember those weddings and Xmas parties in the 1980s?).

We will be in the Amy Johnson suite (Amy was the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia in 1930 when she took off from what was then the main London airport, just next to the hotel).

It's really easy to get to by car via the A23 Purley Way (CR9 4LT) with ample parking, is close to Purley and East Croydon rail stations and also served by the 119 night bus. All the details are available via the following link to the hotel website.

I'll be adding a further post to the blogsite with details of discounted room rates for those of you who may be thinking about staying over (night bar available...).

Thursday, 1 November 2012

"The Big 50" - Hold the date!

It's 50 years since...

- the Stones and the Beatles emerged, ready to take the 60s by storm
- the James Bond 007 movie genre hit the big screen
- beer was 2s 4d a pint
- the "big freeze" hit Britain

...and the age of baby boomers was upon us...including my arrival on the scene on Thursday 14th February 1963. The inevitability of being 50 is upon me and I will be celebrating with a big 50th birthday party.

I've just booked the venue and the party is confirmed for the night of Saturday 16th February 2013...details and personalised invitations are to follow.

Having developed my blogging skills for the Trek for Joe challenge, I will be reusing them for this event, so updates will be provided via this blogsite...

Party on!!!